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Welcome to Super-Intelligence:
Methods for Changing Your Life.

Super-Intelligence (SI) is an emerging hybrid discipline devoted to the theory and practice of augmenting the powers of intelligence, creativity, inquiry, innovation, and imaginative design capabilities in human beings.

Approaches to super-intelligence represented at this site will include:

   Philosophy of Science and Scientific methodology -  for application of creative intelligence in all areas of life, as found in the work of John Dewey or the work of Dr. Stuart Piddocke, and as represented in Eric Sommer's book `The Mind of the Steward: Inquiry-based Philosophy for the 21st. Century'.

   Cognitive methods - such as Edward de Bono's `lateral thinking' as found in his work `Serious Creativity', or  Win Wenger's `image streaming' as found in `The Einstein Factor',  for boosting flexible creative thinking.

   Psychological, physiological, and neuro-technological methods (including brain wave biofeedback and other brain technologies) for optimizing neuro-chemical and brain wave states for creative, intelligent functioning;

   Computer-software and use of computer networks to support individual and group creativity and knowledge sharing.

   Spiritual methods for working with spiritual light and related potencies for the increase of personal and group creativity;

   Group dynamics, and the reengineering of organizations - to increase powers of creativity, inquiry, and intelligence.

The basic premise behind this web site is that cultivation of super-intelligence is key to:

1)  coping with the ever-increasing complexity of our world;

2) expanding our power to work together to care for one another and the Earth;

3) stopping the current destructive tendencies which threaten to destroy the Earth;

4) discovering and eliciting  the positive potentialities of the world for the benefit of all.

This site is under construction.  


"Working together through Love, Intelligence, and Communion is the threefold strategy which will change the world."


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