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The Mind of the Steward: Inquiry-Based Philosophy for The 21st Century - by Eric Sommer (c) 2000 AD.

This 125 page work, seven years in preparation, sets-out a highly coherent new philosophical world view which includes:   

1. A set of basic categories clarifying the interconnected nature of experience, beings, interaction, and networks.   

2. An inquiry-based theory of knowledge, rooted in experience and scientific method, but going beyond traditional notions to make inquiry an instrument for exploring and reconstructing all areas of life and experience in order to promote greater being for all the beings involved.    

3. A revolutionary `law of being' called `Arta' which is also rooted in experience, being, and interaction.   

4. A new model of human nature as a `body-mind-I' system.   

5. An application of the aforementioned concepts and principals to `advanced matters' such as the nature and development of synergies, organizations, and networks, as well as to the understanding of paranormal or `boundary' phenomena.   

How to Read This Work For Maximum Benefit
It should be noted that this work contains specialized philosophical terminology and concepts, and that it assigns extended or deepened meanings to some everyday words.  
All technical terms and special word uses are systematically and carefully explained when they are introduced. So the work is relatively easy to understand when the chapters are read in sequence.  
The material can, however, be very difficult to understand - due to unfamiliar words or usage's - if read out of sequence.  
It should also be noted that for certain readers some of the chapters in the first section may seem, at first, to concentrate excessive attention on commonsense features of everyday life and experience. But this careful examination of the obvious' lays the foundations for the great advances in the theories of knowledge, ethics, and inquiry which appear in subsequent sections.  
Finally, in keeping with the Stewardship principals of open-minded inquiry, of learning from everyone, and of working together to promote one another's being, your comments, criticisms, and suggestions are very welcome.  
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