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Korean Jobs For All University Graduates.

No ESL or special English Instructional Training is needed to work in our schools. All native speakers of English with any 4-year-university degree or better are urged to apply.  

We urgently need several conversational English teachers at this time. You can be working in Korea  - and starting your new life - in as little as three or four weeks!


We have immediate openings for wonderful jobs teaching conversational English in Korea. If you are a native speaker of English,  a citizen of a core English-speaking country - Canada, U.S., Australia, or New Zealand -  and have a four-year degree of *any kind* from a university in an English-speaking country, we have a great job waiting for you in Korea.

Salary is about $2000 Canadian/$1400 U.S. per month, but low-cost-of-living makes salary like $3000 or more.

   Free accomodation in furnished apartments shared with one or two other teachers or subsidized apt.for around $60 a month.  (This saves you hundreds per month.)

   Income tax is just 2 or 3%* - you can usually arrange for your Korean salary to be exempt from Canadian or U.S. income taxes.  (This also saves you hundreds of dollars per month!)

   Work is only six hours a day/five days per week,  plus one hour or less class preparation per day.

   Optional overtime available for those who want it.

   Bonus of one month salary if you complete one year of teaching! *

   No pre-employment interview with the employer; you sign the contract to teach from Canada or the U.S.

   Employer will reimburse you for airfare.

   Encounter an intriguing new culture, while working as a highly respected professional helping Koreans to learn English.

* Your degree, your basic ability to use English, and your citizenship in a core English-Speaking country, are the only requirements.

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