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Advanced Data Management Systems
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(Private Download site for ADM beta-testers)

Even if you don't understand some of the `techno-speak' on this page, don't let that stop you! ADM is actually easy to use - and its information-organizing power has the ability to change your life!

You have just found the most powerful personal /knowledge management and outliner program on /Earth...ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop.

You don't have to take our word for this the download button now for a free 30-day, full-featured trial version of the program.

Or you can read on for further information...

I'm Eric Sommer, CO-CEO and chief program designer for ADM: The Knowledge Management Desktop, a product which includes ability to manage all of the projects, and all of the information in your life(including all of your files, URL's, etc.), from a single integrated hierarchical interface.

This interface features a super-powerful outliner with a radically new - and radically more powerful -design for topically managing, integrating, and cross-referencing, all of the information and projects in all areas of your existance.

Are you tired, as I am, of `me-too' electronic outliners which all borrow the same old formats from one another?

Have you grown weary, as I have, from downloading the endless `pims' (personal information managers), with their poor imitations of the already
terribly weak outlining powers of windows explorer?

Do you also find that the windows interface - with its folders and tiny icons - is a patheticly weak, and almost unintelligible, way to manage your data?

If your answer to these questions is `yes', then you will not be disappointed by ADM. It is truly an `outliner on steroids', with a unique data-structure design, which allows you to organize, access, and share all your data, all your projects, and all your document processes, from a single integrated interface - an interface which allows you to rapidly construct and `rip through' tens or even hundreds of thousands of hierarchicly structured topics/descriptors (each one of unlimited size!) at lightening speed, while also appending any pertinent external documents, URL's or resources.


Lets you instantly mobilize all the information in your life around your own projects purposes, and priorities (not around applications, or file types, as with traditional data-management approaches).

Lets you use drag-and-drop to instantly link any files, url's, or text to any outliner item or topic in ADM. (Includes automatic titling of the topic!)

Lets you use drag-and-drop to easily build and traverse data-structures containing up to hundreds of thousands of inter-related items. (Even in an ADM data-structure containing one million items, you'll be able to locate any information you need with as few as six mouse clicks!)

Lets you use the minature `ADM collector' box to effortlessly funnel into ADM any useful URL's, files, or text you encounter - even while working in other applications!

Provides tremendous informational synergies by integrating in ONE INTERFACE:
- Structuring of your information (through the super-powerful ADM outliner)...
- Composition and management of your documents (through internal ADM document display screens, which are *linkable* to your outline items)...
- Use of the informational wealth of the web' (through an *internal* ADM browser you'll be able to instantly display any previously linked
web page - in its proper context - inside ADM!)


ADM is a Godsend for lawyers...academics...students...researchers...writers... programmers...executives...small business operators...power-users of the web...and anyone else who needs to creatively organize and access information.

If you fit into any of these categories, I urge you to give ADM a try. You'll be glad you did, as you quickly discover ADM's ability to integrate and access all the informational resources in your life...for the management of any project...for research...for learning...for composition of reports or articles or books.


Once you've experienced ADM's remarkable power to integrate and organize ALL the information and projects in your life, I'm sure you'll want to acquire it for permanent use. We've made that very easy for you to do - the full purchase price is only $89 U.S., payable through this website by credit card. To order the permanent version immediately, click the purchase button. Otherwise, you can click the download button now to try the free full-featured trial version for up to 30 days.

Yours for happy data management,
Eric Sommer

P.S. ADM also serves as a great tool for brainstorming and for structured inquiry processes, and intelligence-enhancement systems, such as found in Edward Debono's `lateral thinking' or Win Wenger's `Image Streaming' methods.

PP.S. Our users are an important source of ideas for product improvement. If at any time you have suggestions as to additional features or functionality you would like to see in our program, we'd love to hear about them. We also produce customized versions of ADM for organizations or individuals with special information management requirements. Contact us by email or phone to discuss your needs and to get a quote.

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"ADM: Tools for Managing Complexity"
Think Cosmically - Organize Globally - ADM.